Angel Reese benched, moms feuding as LSU women’s basketball team in turmoil after title

The LSU women’s basketball team has been experiencing internal turmoil following their national title victory, with Angel Reese, last season’s NCAA women’s basketball tournament Most Outstanding Player, at the center of the controversy. Reese’s recent benching by head coach Kim Mulkey has sparked significant attention, leading to speculation and public disputes among players’ families.

Reese was benched during the second half of LSU’s game against Kent State and subsequently missed several games. This decision by Mulkey was described as a “coach’s decision,” with further details not provided. This situation has led to public in-fighting within the program, including a social media feud between Reese’s mother, Angel Webb Reese, and Kia Brooks, the mother of LSU sophomore Flau’jae Johnson.

The mothers exchanged pointed messages on Instagram, with Brooks accusing Webb Reese of being “petty, fake, and hateful” and urging her to take responsibility for her and her daughter’s actions.

Amidst this internal discord, Reese’s absence from games raised questions about her status with the team. Head coach Kim Mulkey kept her statements regarding Reese’s absence vague, stating that Reese is part of the basketball team and expressing hope for her return soon but did not provide specifics about the reasons behind Reese’s benching or her absence from games.

Despite the turmoil and speculation, Mulkey announced that Reese was set to return to the court for LSU’s game against No. 9 Virginia Tech. This announcement came after Reese missed four games, all of which were victories for LSU. Reports have suggested that Mulkey took issue with Reese’s attitude, which may have contributed to the benching decision.

Reese, recognized as one of the top players in the country and a potential top pick in the 2024 WNBA Draft, had a standout season last year, contributing significantly to LSU’s national championship win. Her absence and the public disputes within the team have highlighted challenges the team faces as it strives to defend its title amidst internal discord.

This situation illustrates the complexities of managing team dynamics and the impact of personal and familial relationships on sports teams. As the LSU women’s basketball team continues its season, it remains to be seen how this turmoil will affect their performance and cohesion as a unit.

For more details on this situation, you can follow updates from sources like Yahoo Sports and Sporting News, which have covered the developments surrounding Angel Reese and the LSU women’s basketball team.

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