Walmart Will Be Closing 6 Stores Starting Next Week

Walmart has announced that it will be closing six stores starting next week. This decision was made due to the underperformance of these specific locations.

The closures are spread across four states, with the first closure scheduled for February 17th at a pickup-only location in Lincolnwood, Illinois. Following this, two more stores in the Chicago area, one in Homewood and another in Plainfield, will cease operations by March 10.

Additionally, Walmart’s Silver Spring Drive store in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and its San Mateo store in Albuquerque, New Mexico, are also set to close by March 10. Lastly, Walmart’s Neighborhood Market in Pinellas Park, Florida, will be shuttered.

These closures have raised concerns in the local communities, especially regarding the impact on affordable shopping options and potential food deserts.

Walmart stated that there was no single cause for a store’s closure, and the decision was based on several factors, including financial performance.

Despite these closures, Walmart remains one of the most profitable companies globally, with more than 10,500 stores across 24 countries

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